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Sommarträning 2024

Keeping it simple this summer. 1 free lesson for newcomers is available. Don't be late! Training starts at kl.17, so come before that.

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At KMT, we prefer that payments are made to our

Bankgiro: 509-6151

Or alternatively, our swish @



Blue Class, Kids, 10 to 14 years.

All kids are to start with this class.

Requirements: Must be at least 10 years old, and up to 14, although smaller 15 and 16 year olds are also welcome. All children in these classes will need their own boxing gloves from day 1. No gloves, no training, firm. This is for hygiene reasons. Gloves are available from our gym store, and many other outlets. Come to class 15 minutes early on your first lesson to fix necessary paperwork and to talk to the head coach. No late-comers will be welcome, as this disrupts those who have come on time, which is unacceptable.

We are not a day care center or baby sitting facility. We want enthusiastic students who love the art and are here to learn and have a good time. Parents should make an effort to talk to the coach regularly and to, on occasion, watch the training sessions to see what it's all about. Kids who train regularly and are interested in furthering themselves and even competing will also be welcome to our red classes and our green Sunday class as well.

Green Classes, Tuesday & Thursday.

All newcomers, 15 years or older, must begin with these classes. Come at least 15 minutes early for your first class.

Requirements: Must be 15 years or older. All equipment is available for loan, but for a limited time only (1 term). After that (or preferably before) buy your own.

This class is for everyone, beginners to advanced. He we concentrate on developing the right technique regarding striking (elbows, fists, knees and kicks), combinations, clinch, footwork, balance, defense, and building our core strength with a variety of floor exercises which are scattered throughout the class to promote good circulation and variety during our workouts. People participating in these two classes each week will experience dramatic weight loss, gain strength, confidence, and life changing skills.


Red Classes, Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

These classes are for members only (all ages) This is where the real training begins. All are welcome, but a few weeks with the green classes are recommended first. Our kids are also welcome at these classes, but only after they have gained an elementary understanding of the art and have talked to or been invited by the head coach.

Orange Classes, Tuesday & Thursday Nights

These sparring sessions are only open to those who have trained on the green classes beforehand. Sparring is to be performed in a controlled manner, and sufficient protective equipment must be used. All members are also welcome to use the gym freely during this time, or to simply socialize until closing time.

A bit of personal training with one of our best kids, Saga. All the kids get PT. We try to aim for quality, not quantity. Our kids classes are a lot of fun, but they are not a playgroup, and sparring isn't allowed until each child has developed sufficient control and displays discipline and good manners. And still then, it is coached carefully.

Our adults group class, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The room is always full! It is here we work on technique, conditioning and some light sparring if you like. It's always an awesome social event, with the gym staying open till kl 20:00 for people to hang and chat.

Rules - General

1. Come to class a minimum of 5 minutes early.

2. One lesson free means exactly that. You might have had your 1 free lesson in 2014. It doesn't matter. You don't have any more to use.

3. Everyone in this gym shall be treated with respect. Women and children come first here.

4. No spectators. This rule is to protect the privacy and security of our members. Absolutely no exceptions.


Rules - Training

1. When the coach is speaking, you are not. It's basic, common courtesy.

2. Sparring is not a fight. Take it easy and you'll actually learn. Go hard, and someone will get hurt. Repeat offenders will simply be banned from sparring.

3. If someone holds pads for you, return the favour.

4. If you've been training for more than 3 months, you should buy your own equipment (adults). The gear we have at the gym to loan out is for beginners only. EVERYONE who loans gloves from us MUST have their own hand wraps/ bandages.

All children in the kids class will be required to have their own gloves from the day they enter the gym. This is for hygiene reasons. Gloves are available for purchase at the front counter.

5. Group training is group training, to be done together in a co-operative manner.

6. Be gentle with smaller people. Make yourself weaker than them. Power is only to be used on the bag and pads, and in controlled match sparring with advanced students.

7. This gym is beginner friendly. No bullying will be accepted.

8. Bring a towel. If you want to lie on the floor and stretch after training, put your towel down first.

9. Don't come to the gym if you are sick and contagious. This gym is not a Place to ''sweat it out'' when you have the flu. Take care of your personal hygiene. Don't show up smelling like a garbage bin. 


10. Do not talk trash about other clubs or individuals at the KMT gym. 

11. Leave your ego at the door.


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