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Why train at KMT?

Good question! Well, here's why we think it's worth it-

Muay Thai training makes you FIT! And we mean serious fitness here. As a plus, the self defense applications for the average Joe are unmatched in the martial arts world. Muay Thai isn't about some hypothetical ''street'' situation, it's about being able to defend yourself against the best of the best.

We have classes to match your level. There is nothing worse than a beginner trying to keep up with an advanced student, or the opposite, an advanced student missing out on valuable training because they were placed with a beginner. At KMT, we realise that a 1st grader doesn't belong in university, so we have classes for children (9 to 14 years old), adults, from beginner to advanced, personal training options, and classes for fighters.

Muay Thai is the premier stand up martial art when it comes to stand up fighting. You don't have to become a fighter. In fact, 90% of all people who practice Muay Thai choose to train for fitness, self defence and social reasons. But if you ever decide to step into the ring, it's good to know that:-
There is no other stand up martial art used so widely in MMA as Muay Thai is today. Muay Thai fighters dominate all forms of kickboxing competition as well, including ONE, K1, Glory and Bellator.

Our gym is fully equipped and run at a highly professional level. We have all the gear you need for awesome group training sessions, all the way through to professional fight training. The head trainer is at the gym 6 days a week, and either teaches or assists with every class.

Women and Girls are treated as equals in this gym. There's no macho nonsense here.

The gym is cleaned every day by a professional cleaner. You don't have to worry about thing except for your training. The gym and all of the facilities are kept in an immaculate condition.

If you choose to compete for KMT, you'll get the best training. We compete all over Sweden, and the world, and win lose or draw, our fighters get good results. We have proper fight camps to get you prepared for the real thing. KMT has produced 95% of this city's full contact fighters in the last 13 years, which is a massive effort. Muay Thai is a rapidly growing sport in Sweden, and is run at a professional level.

Classes are RARELY cancelled. We don't advertise a schedule which then changes after you've paid your training fee. It stays the same and remains for the entire term. The only thing that might change is that we add classes and seminars.



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