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Welcome To Our World Class Training area

Our training space is 100sqm of budo mats with a Lonsdale 4x4m floor ring. In addition to that, there's a 15sqm training area upstairs for pad training, fully carpeted in budo mats. We have currently 16 pairs of Thai Pads, 4 pairs of boxing mitts, 13 low kick bags, 2 x Fairtex 180cm heavy bags, an assortment of other heavy bags, Fairtex bowling bag, 8 belly pads, free weights, skipping ropes, plus many gloves and shin guards for loan to our new students. Basically, everything a boxing gym needs. There is a small shop with boxing equipment and club clothing at the reception desk.


Our Epic Bonsai Gardens.


Created by Head Trainer, 'Miyagi' Mansell. All trees are kept outside in the winter, though during the warmer months, expect to see different displays popping up every week. It really adds to the beautiful aesthetics of the gym, and creates a warm atmosphere in the training room.

Our Balcony Gym


An awesome place to do some strength training after our Thai Boxing sessions, overlooking the gym and our fantastic garden windows.

The KMT Recording Studio


A tiny little corner behind the gym office is our recording studio. Hip hop workshops are sometimes held here for the youth, with some amazing results. The studio is used for sound and film production for KMT advertising, and as a practice studio for fight commentating.

Our Fighters and Practitioners

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