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Head Coach - Nick Mansell

KMT gym founder, president and Head Trainer, Nick ''The Madman'' Mansell, started his Muay Thai career in 1998, fighting out of the Sunshine Coast Thai Boxing Center under trainer Joe Hilton. He has headlined many shows in Australia, Sweden and Denmark and fought for the Qld WMC Title and the Victorian Kickboxing Title. Nick comes from the one of the hardest training and fighting backgrounds that can be found in the western world, and after a 5 year long fight career in Australia, moved to Sweden and picked up where he left off. After 3 fights in WAKO K1, he resumed his Muay Thai Career, in 2014 facing Swedish K1 champion, Remy Zanga in Stockholm, Glory fighter Joakim Hägg in Gothenburg, in 2015, fighting World WKA Champion, Peder Jepsen, and headlining two shows in Denmark and Sweden against the current Danish Muay Thai Champion, Frederik Winter, and against Marcus Liljedorff to a packed crowd in Halmstad Lilla Torg. His final fight was in 2016,fighting Victorious MMA head coach and pro MMA fighter, Alexander Proder in Halmstad city square.

Retired from the game from 2003 until 2011, Nick saw a huge void in the fight community when he arrived in Karlskrona. Remembering how a great trainer and gym had once changed his life for the better, it was an easy decision to take charge show others a better way to do things in the fight game. After recieving permission from his own trainer back in Australia, and the permission from the IFMA to instruct Muay Thai, KMT was initiated, and we haven't looked back.

Nick trains at every session at the KMT gym, either as head trainer or assistant trainer. It's not because he has to, but because he wants to.


Assistant Coach, Emanuel Magnusson


Emanuel is one hell of a fighter! With many victories to his name, and having fought mainly under IFMA rules, he is a competent and experienced fighter. Emanuel has also put in many hours as a coach in the KMT gym, and has recently completed a trainer certification through the SMTF.

He has also trained in Thailand, and is a member of the KMT board.

Assistant Coach, Cajsa Bökman


KMT's first full contact female fighter, SMTF certified coach, and all round kickass individual. Cajsa originally fought out of Apex Gym in Kalmar, but now resides in Karlskrona and has been fighting out of KMT for 2 years.

A school teacher by occupation, Cajsa is now transferring those skills and many more to teaching the art of Muay Thai, whilst still actively competing and working as a member of the KMT board.


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