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Training at Furs Asylboende (camp for asylum seekers) in Karlskrona, Sweden.

I started here 3 weeks ago. My job: hold 3 x training sessions per week before my cleaning and security shift, which is over at 4am. On Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, we begin the training at 21.00 and go for an hour or more. The students are mostly Syrian refugees. There are many in each class, up to 30 people. The main challenge has been the language barrier, with most people only speaking and understanding Arabic, although, some understand English quite well and help me with the class. The children are great. It took me a while to lay down the law and gain their respect, and is still a big challenge that I must be onto every minute, but persistence is paying off. Discipline and order are very necessary to conduct the class successfully, which is not the easiest task given the situation, but nothing easy was ever worthwhile. I will include some edited photographs of my students later on, but for now, knowing who has protected identities etc. is unknown to me, so to play it safe, we just wait.

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